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Wild Life by Liam Brown
Genre: Fiction
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

Adam will throw away his life after losing his job and gamble all his savings. Instead of facing the reality, he decides to leave his life... When he tries to commit suicide he meets a group of homeless men, that will teach him what's more valuable in life.
Ready to enter into the Wild Life?

"Peel back the skin. Beneath the well-oiled order of the world. Behind the sterile veneer of concrete, steel and glass beats something else. Something wild and animal, crouched in the shadows, just aching to shake loose. You can catch a glimpse of it now and then, if you look in the right places. If you keep very still and stay very quiet."

This is a story of acceptance and redemption, how to reconcile with your faults and try to live with them.
This book has taught me that homeless men are human too, that maybe their life has fallen apart, but they still have feelings, needs and dreams. And we have to treat them with respect even if they don't have a home or a shower, they are still people.
Adam will learn how to survive in extreme conditions, but will learn how powerful is the human race, for good or bad.
Entering in the Wild Life is watching a microcosm society; there's a king and their subjects, the strong tries to command and the weak has to fight for their life. But sometimes there's fraternity too, complicity and friendship, sadly it never lasts forever.
Since I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down, sometimes was so real that was scaring!
Do you know who lives in your park?

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