The Libbie Club - April 2016

I was waiting for this box for more than a month... and at the end I had it on my hands!
Want to know what's the Libbie Club? Is a pretty amazing club, you will receive a beauty box with 3 new products inside, you have to try them and share your opinions on your blog! Easy don't you think?
This month the products are quite amazing and famous!

I will start with the Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser from Bee Good.
It doesn't have a very strong smell and the cream is very thick, so you just have to use a drop to clean all your face, don't forget to use the muslin cloth to remove it!
After the cold winter my skin is always dull and dry, but after just a couple of times using this cream cleanser my skin feel more moisturised and radiant.

The second product in the box is the Glow Drops by The Hero Project.
Again, you just have to use a couple of drops for all your face, the skin will absorb the oil very quickly, and will leave your face with an amazing glow!
It doesn't have any smell at all, so is perfect!

At last but not least, the Eyeko London Fat Liquid Eyeliner, black.
This is a product with a very known name, but sadly the liquid eyeliners are not for me... I have tried a few times, and I never had a good result!
I can say that the product is easy to use and thick but not for a person with a trembling pulse!

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