The Good Mother by A.L. Bird

The Good Mother by A.L. Bird
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 3/5

A mother and her daughter had been kidnapped. We don't know who is the kidnapper and what does he want, but something is not quite right. What's really happening in this house?

"How to be a good mother. One, keep your baby wrapped up in cotton wool. Two, never let them leave your sight. Three, no one else can be trusted."

I will have to make a few spoilers to make this review...
This is a quite original story, we have the point of view of the kidnapper and the kidnapped intercalated in every other chapter, their feelings and emotions first handed...
I am not sure why I didn't enter completely in this story, maybe because some of the reactions of Suze (the kidnapped) where quite unreal... if you are kidnapped, you are scared of your kidnapper and you don't waste time writing letters to your daughter even if she's kidnapped in the room next to you... And the kidnapper? If you are trying to help someone, maybe the best is asking help at the experts instead of trying to "repair" the problem by yourself...
I would recommend this psychological thriller to lovers of twists and surprises, I can assure you the ending will leave you shocked!
Are you a good mother?

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