Pusheen The Cat Box 2016

Do you know there's an amazing box full of Pusheen The Cat things? The box is quite amazing and the products inside are cute and useful! ;)

There's a vinyl figure, a baker cat (this is for the collection, of course!)

A kitty apron, to help you in the kitchen!

The cookie cutter will make the best kitten cookies in the world, tasty and cute! :)

The socks will be perfect to keep all feet warm at night...

The umbrella will be very useful for the rain, specially here in Ireland, I will be the envy of everyone! 

There's this key cover, to have my keys protected!

The 3 pins will decorate all my bags, I love them!

These stickers are perfect for any notebook or folder to embellish.

And my favourite, a planter, for my new cactus.

This box was a surprise, and I love it!

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