Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods

Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

Lydia is "The Fixer", she always have "easy" missions, but not this time, she will have to face his best friend's daughter, the czarina of a Russian mob, Allie. In this book we will see a life or death fight between two of the most dangerous women of the world, but unknown consequences... Who will win?

"She wants revenge. Lydia corrected. She wants to destroy us all. She'll wage her war on your family by taking Hadley. And she'll punish me by leaving me helpless to stop her."

I have to say that I am addicted to the "The Fixer" books, this is the 8th in the series of T.E. Woods, but they are never repetitive or boring, it always get better!
In this book we will finally see the face to face between Allie and Lydia (we were expecting this for the last two books!) with unpredictable results...
And while Lydia has to focus on surviving, poor Mort will have to discover who murder a young boy on the street... Will this death start a battle between gangs or worse?
I think in this book we see how scaring it has to be living in a neighbourhood controlled by gangs, and the fear on your body for the lost bullet. I can understand that if you don't have a family the feel to have someone taking care of you has to be amazing, but it is worth to kill or sell drugs for it? I am not sure is a good choice...
As always I read one of The Fixer books in a a blink of an eye! I just have to ask something to the author... Will we ever see Lydia happy?
What will you do to have a family?

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