In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings

In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5

After the death of Bella's mother, her life begins to fall in pieces when she discovers a secret their parents had been hiding from her all her life.
Would she be strong enough to face the truth?

"We were hiding from you. You were the monster. You were the evil outside our gates, the child thief, the reason you kept me locked away. You knew empirically that the monsters were everywhere, walking the streets, masquerading as normal people, because you were a monster."

This book is a DRAMA in capital letters!, but this doesn't mean I didn't like it, is sad in a good way. Bella's discovery will make her change her life and start deciding for herself instead of being controlled by everyone, so the secret it would be, at the end, something good for her.
I was surprised that Bella all the time says that her childhood and marriage were good, but after reading her memories, I don't think the way her mother and husband talk and mandate her, is quite normal or bearable for anyone! 
I don't like to make spoilers on my reviews, but this time I have to! 
My mum always told me to never speak to strangers while I was a child. But if you are scared of your parents, who will you ask for help? That's maybe one of the points of the book, Bella's child life wasn't quite good, but the life with secrets and isolated that Bella had after the kidnapping, I didn't approve it neither!
I would recommend this book to anyone who like to read a complex book with a lot of emotions involved, be prepared to drop a tear or two!
What do you remember of your childhood?

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