The Silent Dead by Claire McGowan

The Silent Dead by Claire McGowan
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 5/5

The forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has a new case, but it will be more close to home than she expects...
The appearance of a victim is not a surprise for the police, the problem is that is a suspected terrorist... Is it vengeance or justice?

"And why did the Five escape justice, in the face of such compelling evidence? The pressure on security forces north and south of the border was immense after the bomb - arrests had to happen quickly. This meant corners were cut, PACE infringed in several cases, confessions extracted with perhaps too much force. Evidence was not correctly stored. There was human error."

This is my first book of Claire McGowan, (is the third book in the series), but I loved the intensity of the book and how the writer explains the ambivalent feelings the police have in this case.
Five suspected bombers have disappeared and their bodies are appearing being tortured as the same victims of the bomb. Could it be that some of the survivors are taking the law into their own hands?
What can you do if justice doesn't work? Vengeance is never the answer, but seeing the people that murdered your loved ones being free and without punishment isn't the answer neither.
Reading this book will make you feel the pain of the bomb survivors and how they try to cope with their life after a big tragedy like that.
This is a sad and deep book, being so realistic that you feel you almost understand their motives.
Would you ever take the law in your own hands?  

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