No Place To Hide by Susan Lewis

No Place To Hide by Susan Lewis
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Rating: 2/5

Justine Cantrell has left her husband and her family to live in a remote village far, far away...
What is she hiding from? Will she ever forgive herself? Time cures everything... maybe she just needs time...

'Hope' is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops - at all...
Emily Dickinson

This is a book of pardon and forgiveness, where a mother has to suffer the most unthinkable that a mother can face and try to live with it. Easy to say, difficult to do.
Being in Justine's skin is not easy, separate from your husband and family just to have a little peace for your little child has not been an easy decision, but maybe it would not be the correct, in the moments of more sorrow being surrounded by family and friends is the best way to grieve, and that's what at the end she understands. You can try to hide from tragedy, but it will follow you until you face it.
This is a slow burn book, where tragedy is everywhere and with epic proportions, that's why I didn't like it very much... I think we all face enough tragedy in our lives to read about more drama... It is a very well written book and interesting, but maybe is not the best moment for me to read this book! 
I would recommend it to you if you like to read about real emotions and feelings, because you feel the real pain and suffer the characters feelings, making it more realistic but at the same time more sad. I can only tell you that at the end, you will find your answers.
There's no place to hide...

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