Killing Me Softly by R. Biel

Killing Me Softly by R. Biel
Genre: Chic Lit, Mystery
Source: Chic Lit Plus
Rating: 3/5

Can the perfect weekend end up worst than Sadie's romantic escape? Sadly I don't think so... firstly she and her boyfriend broke and after, she discovers that he had died in a tragic accident. But Sadie's problem has just started... ready for this rollercoaster?

This is not the book you will expect to read, is not just a love story; there's mystery, a kidnapping and a an attempt to murder!
Sadie's story is quite sad and full of surprises, not all of them good... but there are some unexpected twists, two handsome guys and a very brave woman, what more do you need?
I had a good time reading this book, the situation between Sadie and her sister is so scaring that I am really relieved to not have any brother or sister... if I ever found that any of my brothers or sisters are having and affair with my boyfriend... maybe it would not just be a thought of a dead person I would have... But Sadie take the news not so badly, and lucky for her there are two handsome guys that will make her forget her boring and cheater ex-boyfriend! :)
Have you ever thought of someone's death?

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