Jihadi, A Love Story by Yusuf Toropov

Jihadi, A Love Story by Yusuf Toropov
Genre: Fiction
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5

This is the Thelonius Liddel's memoirs while he waits his destiny at the Beige Motel...

"A question for you. You must choose between: A) flying on a plane whose route and security procedures benefit from intelligence gathered by means of 'torture'; or B) flying on a plane whose crew have no such intelligence."

First of all, thanks to Orenda Books for sharing this book with me, it was quite a discovery!
This is not a book you will read in just one read, you will have to stop and absorb all the turbulent things you've read and how the writer has created a maze, and where piece by piece everything starts to fit page by page.
In the beginning it will be quite difficult to follow the story mixing the Liddel's memoirs with the psychologist annotations. But page by page you will enter in the Jihadi world, where not everything is what it seems...
This book will make you rethink your point of view in the Middle Eastern conflict, making you remember that there are good and bad people in the world, but the line between them is quite thin sometimes... 
Will you follow your heart or your country?

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