Gregg's Jelly; There's always room

I found these Gregg's advert really funny, because sadly is true, if you like something, no matter how much you have eaten, you have room for something more! :)

Advertising Agency: FCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Regional Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett
Creatives: Matt Williams, Freddie Coltart
Illustrator: Daron Parton / Watermark Studios
Head of Craft: Nick Smith
Designer: Nick McFarlane
Retoucher: Anton Mason
Mac Operator: Helen North
Account Director: Toby Sellers
Account Manager: Sarah Raine
Head of Content: Pip Mayne
Media Director: Luz Valanzasca
Media Planner/Buyer: Moniquea Frear

The source is Ads of the World.

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