The Widow by Fiona Barton

The Widow by Fiona Barton
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

You will start reading this book knowing that someone has died and the widow has a few secrets that doesn't want anyone to know (neither the press nor the police...).
Which are these secrets that she is keeping so inside?

"'But you stayed when you found out, Jean.'
'I had to. He explained it all so I couldn't see what was right any more. He made me feel guilty for thinking that he'd done these things. Everything was concocted by the police or the bank or the internet companies. And then he blamed me. He made me see it was my fault. He was so convincing when he told me things. He made me believe him,' I  say. And he did. But he's not here any more to make me."

It is true, when you watch a movie or a news in the press, you always wonder if the partner is really so innocent as they want to show. I want to think that if my partner was able to kidnap a child I would notice something or knowing that is keeping secrets from me... (but hope that I will never have to face this kind of truth!). But I suppose that love is blind and if you don't want to know the truth even if it's crystal clear you will not see it.
This is a book where you start knowing that everyone is keeping secrets, but don't know what type till the end, you are just a viewer that want to know the real truth... but of course it doesn't arrive till the end!
This is a paced thriller, where you can view how the widow, the reporter, the detective, the mother and the husband act, and step by step make your own story with their small parts. A curious way to enter to the story but at the same time easy to understand everyone...
I couldn't say that I don't like this book, but it was maybe too cold to understand the widow's choices and why she keep all her secrets...
This is the first book of Fiona Barton, I will keep and eye to her next book, I am sure I will not be disappointed!
Which secret will you keep to the graveyard?

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