The Silent Girls by Ann Troup

The Silent Girls by Ann Troup
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Rating: 5/5

How many secrets can a house keep?
Edie has returned to Coronation Square to clean her Aunt Dolly´s home after her death. The hidden things she will find inside the house will be so dark and frightening that maybe they are not worth her life, someone is ready to kill before the truth comes out...
Will she be the next Silent Girl?

"Lena did not feel guilty - burdened, yes -but the load she carried was not the unbearable weight of guilt, it was more the weight of secrets, secrets gone stale and mouldy from years of being kept in the dark."

Ann Troup has created a dark and gripping thriller where you will find a twist in every page!
This is a sad and scary story told from Edie´s view, we will discover the truth about her past and some corpse buried in her family tree. Lucky for her, she will have some unthinkable help, because not everyone is happy that the truth will be revealed, and Edie will have to fight is she wants to survive!
I love a good mystery book where you don't know the real truth till the end. Ann has surprised me, the killer was not so obvious as I thought in the beginning making the book more interesting and with more eagerness to arrive at the end!
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery and adore dark secrets, but more important is brave enough to face the truth!
How many secrets is your family keeping from you? 

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