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Untouchable Things by Tara Guha
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

Seth is an egocentric man that has created a small group of art lovers to enjoy Friday nights. These members are not just in the group for the art, they all adore Seth in their own special ways, making the group quite special and dark. Seth's motive is not just to enjoy the art and their company, he wants to use them for his own needs... Will the scales fall from their eyes before is too late?

"After the first time he tunes out of the less interesting part, the sound. The vibrato is uneven, the pitch wavering, the timbre too harsh. But the face is mesmeric, eyes contracted to penny slots while the mouth grapes to spew its cheap auditory prize. Munch, of course, is behind some of the distortion, stamping The Scream all over anyone who expresses horror. Even the pretty ones".

This is a slow burning psychological thriller, wrote like scenes of a stage play, you will be discovering the darkest paths of the characters like a fire, first you'll see the sparks and then the fire, but be careful not to be burned...
This is one of these books that after you finish it, you have to process all you have read and all the implications that it means. I am not sure I can understand completely all the characters, maybe the end don't help me to embrace completely the story or all the questions I have now that I've finished! (all of them are spoilers, so I can't share them with you!)
Too many secrets, some of them you just feel, and maybe it is the reason why the author gave the book the title "Untouchable Things", because some secrets you can just imagine them...
In this maze, you are just a mere observer of the play, wait till the end to wake up and applause!
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