Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon

Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

Alex, Amy and Jacob are stuck in the past, unable to continue their life... the fate will make them collide and confront their own ghosts. Will they be able to accept their own faults before it is too late?

"Amy's secret was older. Absolutely, categorically a man. His shoulders were broader than Jake's, his voice lower, and when he made rude remarks, they came form a mouth that had earned the right to make them. He was tall and walked with confidence, never in a rush."

Alex is a freelance reporter writing about coma patients in the hospital when she meets Amy. This will be the start of a symbiotic friendship, with a connection between them in a way no one ever thought... Alex will start following the last steps of Amy before she was found alone in a dark street with a head concussion, but her investigation will make more than one person afraid of the questions... will Alex's life be in danger too?
Amy has been in coma for the last years, the police had a lot of suspects but there was never an arrest for her situation, could she be able to help Alex in the investigation?
Jacob is the last piece of this puzzle... Who is he? What relation does he have with Amy?
Start reading and you will know all the answers... and more!
This is my first 2016 book, but certainly had more imprint in me than more of the books I have read in 2015, this book will stay with you for a long time.
This book has everything a reader will want, a good mystery, a little bit of drama all wrapped in a delicate writing that will make you hold your breathe till the last page.
Remember... Try Not To Breathe!

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