The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore

The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Everything started with a fight, a fight between Caleb and Bridget. We don't know why, just that they broke up... After the fight Caleb decides to spend the night in a hotel and go for a drink... That's how he meets Emmeline, a mysterious woman, whom he falls immediately in love with... the start of the end... He will have to search for this mysterious woman while he tries to understand the mysterious bodies that are appearing at the bay... Which is the connection between all of them? Caleb will have to solve this puzzle before being too much fascinated in the other world...

""Go on. The slowest drip you can."
He watched the sugar melt through the slotted spoon into the absinthe. The liquid in the glass changed from green to milky white, the cold water precipitating something from the spirit. He could smell herbs now. Wormwood and rue. Anise."

Have you tried absinthe?
It is a green drink that was forbidden for a long time, it seems that after you drank it, you have some hallucinations. This is what you feel when you start reading this book, you enter in a world where everything is obscure, but that you need more...
This is Caleb's story, a dark, gripping and addictive life that will leave no one untouched.
In the Poison Artist there's nothing that is what it seems, but everything has a meaning... would it be enough for Caleb to know the truth?
Ready to try a "Berthe de Joux"?

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