The Day Of The Second Chances by Julie Cohen

The Day Of The Second Chances by Julie Cohen
Genre: Fiction
Source: Transworld Books
Rating: 5/5

Honor has broken her hip in a fall down the stairs, now she will have to live for a small period of time with her daughter in law Jo and granddaughter Lydia. They will have to learn how to live together and start sharing their most deepest secrets... Would their love be enough?

"This is what love feels like.
It's a burning in your chest. A free fall through whooshing air. It's an itch in your skin which can only be soothed by touching. It's how you store up every little word and expression and hoard it for later, when you can go through it in your head and look for the coded messages"

This is the first book I've read by Julie Cohen, but I can just say I love it. There are not a lot of books with strong women that defend their life and their thoughts like the Julie Cohen characters. If they would be real I would love to meet them, they haven't got an easy life, but their strength is enough for them to continue fighting for some happiness in their life.
Honor, with a big secret but trying to live her life as always. Jo, a mother of three children, divorced and having to live with a woman who disrespects her, but always with a positive thought. Lydia, a teenager with a secret that can change her life forever, but ready to face it.
This is one of these books that will remain with you for a long time, the story is beautiful, the characters strong and loyal, chapter after chapter you will be addicted to this book.
Remember to start reading this book on a weekend, you will not be able to stop reading till the last page!
Which is your deepest secret?

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