Minamoto Kitchoan Desserts

If you are in London or planning a visit to London, you may want to take a look at the little but amazing Minamoto Kitchoan shop, where you can find some delightful Japanese desserts. ( I posted before about this amazing shop, take a look here).

Every season they change the Wagashi they sell, so here are the ones I tried this time...
Chocolat Mochi Maccha; with white chocolate cream wrapped in soft rice cafe and coated with green-tea flavour crunch. It was good, but maybe not one of our favourites...

Chocolat Misaka; chocolate ganache cream sandwiched with cocoa flavour mini pancake. Mmmm! The famous Dorayaki but with chocolate!

Fukuwatashisenbei; zigzag designed cookie with vanilla cream filling. We never resist to buy at least one of these cookies every time we visit the shop!

Tenkataihei Maccha; green tea flavour bean paste wrapped in a Japanese cake. Like a fish, but with a sugar taste... it was different!

Tuyaguri; whole chestnut (still enveloped in its gently astringnet in inner-skin) wrapped in a mashed chestnut paste. This was amazing, I hope the next time we visit the shop is still there!

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