Louis Vuitton and Unicef, #MAKEAPROMISE

Today I want to share with you this collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Unicef, but I am quite ambivalent about it... I am really happy that if you would buy any of the pieces of the collection, $200 of the $500 purchase price will be donated to UNICEF. But really? Only $200? The pieces are quite expensive, so not everyone will be able to buy one, why not make a bigger donation directly to UNICEF? 
The collection is quite simple, silver pieces with a chain, if you are selling the brand Louis Vuitton, make the pieces more expensive and a bigger donation, this is the goal of the campaign, or am I wrong?

If you are interested in buying the product, here is the official page, but I think the best choice is to make directly a donation to UNICEF!

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