Little Ondine Polishes

Ready to try a new polish brand?

Little Ondine is a quite special nail polish, is made with natural ingredients (natural resin, organic colourants and water), the colours are really bright and when you have to take the polish you just have to peel it!
It was a hard decision which colours choose, they are all amazing and easy to mix, so I decided for a basic and one shinning. Do you like them?

To say the truth, I have tried a lot of different nail polish brands and I love some of them, but now that I am pregnant I was scared with the smells of the polishes and the removers, that's why I was searching for something more natural to use and less dangerous. Little Ondine has convinced me, it doesn't have any smell when you use it and you just need to peel off the nail polish when you are tired of the colour. You have to try this brand, you will love it after the first use!

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