Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy

Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Can you imagine that your husband killed your daughter simply to enjoy seeing you suffer?
This is why Jodie decided to kill her husband Ethan and herself, she could not live any more time with the pain of having lost her lovely daughter Abby and the thought that her husband killed her just for the pleasure to make her pain. He had to die...
The shame is that the plan didn't work as Jodie thought... Ethan is dead, but she is still alive and has to pass her life in prison... And then, some reporter gave her the news... could it be that Ethan is still breathing while she is suffering in prison?
This will be the trigger of Dead Secret... will Jodie find peace at the end? We will see...

"These men are not sane.'
"That's what we want to believe, right? We want to believe they're psychotic, mentally ill. They must have snapped, lost their mind. Makes it easier for us to bear, I guess. I mean, Jesus, who wants to believe a sane man could murder his own children?'
Novak paused, shook his head, then continued.
'But it doesn't happen in a fit of rage. These are methodical, pre-meditated murders, committed by rational, loving fathers. These guys are as sane as you and me.'!

Having to live with the pain of a daughter's death has to be really difficult, but even more if your husband killed her and had no remorse. That's why I can understand the need of Jodie to find and kill Ethan no matter what, her life is nothing without her daughter, so what is the point to live? 
With this preface, you have won me, is Ethan really dead? Why did he kill her daughter? Which more secrets had Ethan kept from Jodie?
This is a good thriller, slowly you will discover the spiderweb of Ethan's mind, but you will have to find a sort out before is too late...
Why my rating is so low if I really enjoyed the book? Because of the end, I didn't like the end at all, I love a good twist on a plot, something surprising or original, but this ending was too extravagant for my taste... but if you want to talk about the ending you will have to read it! You know, no spoilers! :)
Are you ready for the Dead Secret?

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