The New Mrs D. by Heather Hill and Giveaway!

The New Mrs D. by Heather Hill
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: CLP Blog Tours
Rating: 3/5

Mrs. Bernice Annabel Dando is enjoying her honeymoon in Greece, the only difference between her and the other couples is that she has left her new and shiny husband two days after the wedding! Will the amazing Greek island and their people give her the strength to be herself again and confront her "lovely husband"?

"There is a word in the Greek language for which there is no English equivalent. It is 'Meraki' and it means 'doing something with soul, creativity or love - when you put something of yourself into what are you doing"

This is a self-improvement book, how Bernie with some funny situations face her dreams and tries to reconquer her life!
A funny and quick read to up your mood this Christmas! :)

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