Super Cute Box - November 2015

If you are trying to find an original month subscription, you will find a lot of different choices, but maybe not all of them are the ones that suit you...
This month I want to show you the "Super Cute Box Club", an original box full of cute surprises! Take a look at what was inside my first box...

This perfect gloves, colourful but warm, great for the winter!

I love these two Christmas cards, I am sure they will put a smile in any of my friends face.

Do you like my new cake toppers Christmas decorations?

I can not say I don't love all types of stationery, I will use them with my Christmas wrapping!

This heart lights will put my home in the Christmas mood! :)

My favourite thing in this box is this little tree light, you can have it in your bag, bedroom... but I am sure it will always make you happy! 

Inside there was too this little bear charm... so cute!

I liked the products inside my box, and you? What new surprises will come in the next shipment?

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