Hush by Karen Robards

Hush by Karen Robards
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 3/5

All the trouble normally starts with the money... and Riley Cowan's bad luck is not different. After finding her ex-husband dead, she doesn't believe it is a suicide, she knows they kill him for the missing money her father-in-law had stolen. But she will start panicking after her life is threatened and a mysterious savior helps her. Is this "savior" trustworthy? Or is he searching for the money too?
Start this race for the money where everything is valid, even killing...!

""Marcus Simms did not die in a hunting accident. Patty Hemming did not 'accidentally' fall down her basement stairs. Diane Schneidermann did not jump from her hotel room balcony. Tom Goodin did not hook up a hose from his car's tailpipe to its front window and kill himself with carbon monoxide poisoning," Jeff retorted. The people he named had worked closely with his father, Riley knew. Besides that, what they had in common was that they had all died from either accidents or suicide since George had been arrested"

This is a romantic thriller, where the handsome guy and the pretty woman are involved in a mystery and they have to run for their lives... To say the truth, I've read the book in just one day, once you start you can't stop till you know where is the money and of course... will the couple have a romantic ending?
This is not my first Karen Robards book, but this one disappointed me a little, the mystery was good, the chemistry between the characters too, but the ending was too quick, Karen solved everything in the last two chapters, leaving some missing details and unsolved answers... I would love to have more to read and not this feeling that the ending was hurried.

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