A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah

A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: bookbridgr
Rating: 5/5

Justine Merrisson and all her family has moved to Devon, and everything seems idyllic till Justine starts receiving some anonymous threatening calls calling her Sandie... Her daughter Elle' best friend, George Donavand, has been expelled from school, a pupil that the head teacher says that it doesn't exist.. And if that is not enough Justine finds a story where her daughter creates a murder based in their new home!
Justine's world starts to break in pieces... could she be able to discover the truth behind the phone calls? About the mysterious Elle's new friend? Or will the murder try to kill her before?
Start reading this spider web before the spider tries to catch you!

"'You're still there, in the house. You're not going to make this easy for either of us, are you?'
'Hello crazy stranger. Alex, it's that crazy stranger I was telling you about. She's got my mobile number too - isn't that fantastic?'
'Three empty graves,' says the unidentified voice. 'One smaller that the other two.'
'I beg your pardon?' My heart thuds like a bullet hitting bone.
'Two for a mummy and a daddy, one for a child.'

Sophie Hannah's books are like a good whiskey, you have to smell, savour and swallow, do not read them in just one sip, because then you will not enjoy the complete story inside the book!
This is the first standalone book of Sophie Hannah, but not my first one. As always there's more behind the story you know in the beginning, making the book quite complex but in the same time, everything fits perfectly in your mind.
I was interested in the mysterious crime that Ellen writes about the house they are living, is just fiction or is based in a past murder? Like in all Sophie Hannah's books, there's always something more, something the reader must discover while is untangling the story, something very important but that if you don't pay attention it will be lost till the end of the book.
That's why I love so much Sophie's books, they are never a normal mystery, you always have to make your own dissertations while you are reading to discover the truth!
What truth lies behind the lies?

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