The Deep Creeps

The Deep Creeps are a cadre of friendly creatures who manage to find warmth, light and friendship in the coldest, darkest place on the planet. They are responsibly made at a CARE-certified facility that meets the highest international standards. All materials are CPSIA tested for safety and nearly all of the fabric and stuffing used is made from recycled PET plastic. Each Creep comes packaged in a re-usable, printed carrying case with no excess packaging.
You can choose between Leonardo The Octopus or Mariana The Anglerfish.
A precocious youngster, Leonardo could open cookie jars at just a few months old. He gets his big ears from his dad, a Dumbo Octopus, and his glowing eyes and suckers from his mom, a Stauroteuthis syrtensis. A naturally skilled glider with webbed arms, Leonardo loves to dance and give “umbrella” hugs. 

Mariana is a siren of the deep. Her light is nearly impossible to resist, especially to Chummy, her lanternfish traveling companion. Despite her allure, Mariana endlessly searches the depths for a partner she can truly bond with. Until then, Chummy will remain friend rather than food. 

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