Lost Girls by Angela Marsons

Lost Girls by Angela Marsons
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

This will be one of the most difficult cases D.I. Kim Stone will face in her career, the kidnapping of two girls; both family friends and with money, they will have to confront to save their daughters. This will not be only a very challenging situation, this is not the first case the police have with these similarities, the last time just one girl returned home. Will Kim and her team be quick enough to safe both girls or will this time none of them return home?

"Karen took a step towards her. 'Look, Kim, it really was just the one...'
Kim turned and walked away. There was an old adage that if you couldn't say anything nice, get the hell away before you said something very wrong. Or something like that. She wasn't sure of the exact wording as she'd never taken heed.
Personally, she hated deceit of any kind but in relationships it was unforgivable. If a relation ship was over, kill it and move on but don't make someone you loved feel like a fool."

This is the third case I have read of D.I. Kim Stone and this is my favourite so far. A run against the clock that will leave no one unaffected.
I love how Angela Marsons book by book explain us why our favourite detective is so good in her work and show us that behind her cold police attitude she is more human than she wants to share, being brave, direct and stubborn. D.I. Kim Stone takes very seriously all her cases and none of them are less important to her, so be prepared for her tenacity and audacity in all the cases she is involved.
I like the cases that keep me glued till the end of the book, and Angela Marsons has made me forgive the world around me in all her books, that's not quite easy to make, so be prepared to enter in a detective world without doubt!
This case really got under my skin, how two friendly families would be turned against each other to save their own children. They will have to bet against each other to have the possibility to see their daughter alive again. The only problem they have is... are the kidnappers ready to leave the two girls alive after they get the money?
Get ready for a skin deep case and some unexpected twists in the new Angela Marsons case.
How much would you pay to save your child? 

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