Blog Tour: Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott

Afraid of Her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott
Genre:Chic Lit, Humor
Source: CLP Blog Tour
Rating: 3/5

Rebecca has had a boyfriend for a year now, Steve, she is not feeling a lot of sparkles when she is with him, but he is reliable and makes her laugh, and maybe she loves him... The only problem he has is that his house is full of objects of his dead wife and Rebecca doesn't know what to think... Is he still in love with his dead wife or he just doesn't know how to confront her death?
But Rebecca's life will get worse after the returning of her sexy ex-boyfriend... Is he still interested in her? Will they still have sparkles together?
Will Rebecca confront Steve about her dead wife or will she return with her sexy ex-boyfriend?

"I wonder if college students carry bugs around in their pockets like little boys. I Imagine the students emptying their stash on Steve's desk and organizing them.
“I put these guys in a jar and scared my mommy.” 
“This is a bug I smooshed on the driveway.” 
“I pulled the wings off this one.”

This is the second book of The Ladies of Rom-Com, but it is a standalone novel too, so if you want to have a good laugh with some humor twists, don't doubt to read this book!
Sometimes I think Rebecca is really afraid of her shadow, don't know what she wants and doesn't fight for it... and her friends... are they really her friends? I am not sure if one of my best friends explain to me that the house of her boyfriend is full of mementos of the dead wife I would say to her to continue dating with the guy! This has to be so creepy!
I found some moments really exhilarating, and how really calm Rebecca reacts! I would make an scene for almost all the "news" Steve gives to her! I am sorry, but if you want to know more about it, you will have to read the book!
Ready to live with your boyfriend and her dead wife?

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