The Brönte Plot by Katherine Reay

The Brönte Plot by Katherine Reay
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Lucy Alluring is a book lover working in a little decoration shop when she meets James Carmichael, a prestigious lawyer. What it seems a start of a beautiful relation ends quickly after a few weeks of romance. 
Would these two love birds be able to follow their own path to create a journey together?
Enjoy this romantic trip through love and literature with the help of some of the best literature writers.

"Her eyes trailed the shelves, catching on book titles: Jane Eyre, Bleak House, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Moll Flanders, Frog and Toad... What had Helen said? I need to go back all the way back, to go forward. And what had Sid said? Lucy reached for the moment, in the gallery, when she'd pleaded for him to make the call and he had refused. It's the next step.
She turned back to the books... Swallows and Amazons... Breatrix Potter... She inhaled deep and pursed her lips to release it slow, like an athlete preparing for a race. Browness-onWindermere. She could do it to... Go back to go forward."

This book has been a beautiful read, with all the remembrances of some of my favourite authors, a discovery trip through London and a love story.
I loved how the James' grandmother plans the trip through the past with Lucy and how you start to loving her since the beginning, her story is sad but beautiful, and with a special ending. Would we will know about her story in another book, maybe?
I was a little disappointed with the father, the story was nothing surprising or relevant in the plot... Lucy is so desperate to know more about him, but the time together seems not enough or too much, I really don't believe in second opportunities with parents leaving their child...  
The love story between James and Lucy is just dialogue, I missed a little bit of chemistry between them... a passionate kiss maybe? 
This book will remain with me for a long time thanks to the lovely sentences Katherine Reay has written and the beautiful story she shared with us. She transmits powerful truths with beautiful sentences, something very inspiring and unique.  
Do you live in a love story or do you create your own story?

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