Life or Death by Michael Robotham

Life or Death by Michael Robotham
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Audie Palmer has escaped from prison one day before his release. Why?
He has been held in prison for 10 years; suffering beatings, poisonings and various attempted murders... Why escape just one day before the official release?
Everyone is searching for Audie; FBI, police and some unwanted guys... 
Will Audie audacity be enough to survive till the next morning or will he fail?
Start reading and you will know why! 

"'They said I robbed and armoured truck,'
'Did you?'
'Hardly seems to matter any more.'
She sneaks a glance at him. 'Either you did or you didn't.'
'Sometimes you get blamed for things you didn't do. Other times you get away with things you did. Maybe we finish up even at the end.'
Rosie changes lanes, looking for the exit. 'I don't have a lot of moral authority since I don't go to church any more, but if you've done something wrong you shouldn't run away from it.'
'I'm not running away,' says Audie."

This book is a travel through Audie's Palmer life, although his life has not been easy, he always tried to be a good person and do the correct thing, always.
His escape has a motive, of course, a long time ago he made a promise, and he tries to keep it after all these years... it would not be easy, but he will risk his life for it.
In the beginning of the book, you don't know what is happening, but you just keep reading to understand the true motives that keep Audie fighting. Which could it be the real story behind his imprisonment?
This is a book that after you finished you need to talk about your thoughts, how can Audie have such bad luck? Has he broken a mirror everyday in his childhood? Is not possible that all the bad things keep happening to Audie, he has to have a good moment, hasn't he?
I like how Michael Robotham creates a character with so many problems but so reliable, and with little bits conceive a powerful but heartbreaking story. Sometimes thanks to the dark humour you don't break into tears after all the incidents Audie is involved, but I can assure you, you will not be disappointed after reading this book, it has you in the edge till the end. What more do you need in a book?
How long will you keep a promise?

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