Kate Broughton Sample Box

Lucky me, I was able to buy of the Kate Broughton sample box with little cute stationery and gifts, take a look...
There's this little Rabbit Brooch, cute and perfect to wear with your winter coat!

The bird badges are perfect to share, I will give them to my friends like a secret code.

It was a surprise the leek card, I am still not sure who will be the honoured to receive this present, but it will surprise anyone with the vegetable seeds inside!

The bicycle pocket mirror is already on my bag, perfect size and lovely illustration!

I will use the tattoos as stickers to decorate my notebook! :)

This gift wrap paper is perfect for a Birthday gift, but I need the recipes to make this perfect cocktails.

I will use these three stickers on my Christmas gifts. :)

Again, I am amazed with all the cute things inside my box, I love them!

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