First Birthday Beauty Box by Lookfantastic

Want to take a look at the surprises I received on my Lookfantastic Beauty Box?
There are some really surprising products, take a look...

I will start for the products from Sebastian brand; a brand I love and that leaves my hair with and amazing shine! I have never tried the Penetraitt, that gives strength and repairs the hair, but I am sure I will love it too.

Unlucky me there was a full product of the Phytokeratine Extème, for ultra-damaged hair and dry... I will not be able to use it, but I am sure my friends will love the present!

I've always wanted to try the Bliss products, now with the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, it will be my chance!

I didn't know the brand Codage, but I can assure you I will use the Scrubbing Cream!

I really don't understand the need to buy a tanner... I don't need it, ok, but you always know when someone is using one! I supose TanWorx is a good brand, but I don't know anyone who will use this kind of product!

I am always fascinated by Caudalie, they use grapes for their products and are completely natural. I will try the Moisturising Sorbet and the S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum, I will love them, for sure!

Inside the box there where a few discounts to use, too.
This is not my favourite box, but I will use almost all of the products, so a good value! :)

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