Fe₂O₃ Glyphs by Craig Ward & Linden Gledhill

Now that I am in a new house, I am searching for cute and personalised ways to make this big house into my sweet home, and while I was looking for something beautiful and special, I discovered the Fe₂O₃ Glyphs

The Fe₂O₃ Glyphs are a generative ornamental typeface accompanied by a series of unique letterpress prints in a mixture of ferrofluid and Pantone ink.  

To form the glyphs, a tiny amount of ferrofluid - a kind of magnetic ink, originally developed by NASA in the 1960's - was placed between two glass plates and subjected to a combination of spinning vertical and horizontal magnetic fields. The result is an array of complex hieroglyphics and shapes - each one as unrepeatable as a snowflake - that simultaneously call to mind ancient indigenous markings or symbols from science fiction.

Enjoy the beautiful design! :)

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