Patum 2015

After a few years, yesterday I had the chance to enjoy again first hand the experience of dressing a "Ple", a demon with fire in the festivity called "La Patum" in Berga.
Being a "Ple" is an honour and you need to be very lucky to have the chance to wear this wanted costume. Here I show you the difficult process of being dressed like one.
First of all, the costume is red and green and has a tail full of petards. They are demons and as such they wear fire.

Then, they cover the head with gauze to hold the mask correctly onto the face. Between the mask and the costume, they wear a green plant (Clematis vitalba) wreath to protect the "Ple" from the fire.

Here you can see a full "Ple" dressed, and at the top of the mask they wear more Clematis vitalba with a few more petards.

Here you can taste a few seconds of this amazing festivity...

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