Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson

Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Brianna, thinks that the 21 killer is still free and has kidnapped the twin sisters Zoe and Chloe. The police doesn't believe her, because they already have someone in prison for the "21 Killer" so she will have to ask for help to her first crash Jase. The reunion will be a reopening for some deep secrets... will they both be ready to face the truth?

"The breeze stirred leaves in the magnolia tree and she heard a distant siren piercing the night, far beyond the walls of her private garden. She shivered as she scanned the perimeter of the small, enclosed veranda. There weren't many hiding spots, no little nooks and crannies where someone could hide, and still she felt a prickle of dread, her skin pimpling.
No one's out here. Get over yourself. There's no maniac in the shadows, no killer on the prowl in your garden, no damned monster in the closet.
But she couldn't shake the feeling. Ever."

This is the new book of the New Orleans series (the 8th!) from Lisa Jackson, but you can read it alone without the need to following the series. It not only has one serial killer but two; the "21 Killer" and "Father John", yes he is back! Bentz and Montoya will have to follow the hints if they want to get alive the twin sisters before it's too late...
I like how this book is not only based on the police and the case but also you can read and discover the story and secrets of the main characters, making the book not only a thriller but a good thriller.
This is a non-stop thriller with some surprising twists and where anyone could be the killer... are you a twin? are you turning 21? you could be the next victim!
Are you ready to know the truth?

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