The Quality of the Silence by Rosamund Lupton

The Quality of the Silence by Rosamund Lupton
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

This voyage started when the police told Yasmina that her husband was dead. She didn't want to believe it although there were evidence confirming it, so with her daughter Ruby they started a cold and difficult travel to the Alaska to rescue Matt before it was too late.

"Anxiety; Looks like a chessboard with the squares quickly moving about; feels sweaty and shivery; tastes like prickly ice-cream.
Weird; Looks psychedelic; tastes dip-dab-sherbet-fizzy.
Awesome-Sauce-Beautiful; Touching a black spot on a cheetah's fur; a lemonade sea w/fizzing waves; a ptarmigan's wing prints in snow."

Rosamund has enchanted me again with this beautiful novel; a mother and her daughter fighting against the world and the weather searching for their husband and father lost in the cold Alaska. You will be delighted with the romantic and beautiful prose of the Quality of Silence explaining how cold is the loneliness or how noisy can be the silence. Since the first book of Rosamund Lupton I have read all her novels, all of them emotive, sad but with a touch of mystery. Rosamund is one of my favourite writers, I hope you will love this novel like I did.
I want to share with you this paragraph, it really touched me, the emotiveness and the feelings you can sense with the words....

"'When a sign or type I see the same words as the person I'm talking to,' I tell Mum. 'Like now. I see my hands and you see my hands and we see the words together. But if I speak with my mouth, then only the hearing person hears my words, I don't.'
I stop talking, because I'm a fail, but I'll tell her, 'I'm frightened when I talk with my mouth-voice.'
Mum doesn't hug me, which is good, because I don't want her to hug me. She looks at me really seriously like she wants to know more.
'It's like I'm not there any more,' I say. 'When I talk with my mouth-voice I disappear.'

What would you do to find your loved one?

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