Hidden by Emma Kavanagh

Hidden by Emma Kavanagh
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Hidden because he has hidden all his "dark" feelings quite from everyone; and now, tired of them he has an objective: to kill.
All will start with a shooting, a horrible murder mass at the hospital. Charlie, a press reporter, is one of the survivors of the massacre, and through her we will start living this sad day from 6 days ago till now.

"It was like a spark of electricity that rippled through the crowd, faces creasing with spilt-second anxiety, heads snapping towards the sound. Imogen's stomach lurched, the sudden thought shooting through her mind that she had been right, that the gunman did want her after all. She turned towards the footsteps, bracing.

You will start the book knowing that almost everyone is dead, the bodies lie at the hospital without life and you need to know why, who, for what? Emma Kavanaugh will disentangle the story from the beginning. The story is written where every chapter is the vision of one of the characters making easy to understand the plot and knowing all the connections between them. Sometimes is a little bit complicated following the story because it's not chronological written, but it helps that while you are reading you could make your own theories and suspects of who the murderer is in the fateful day.
I have some non-answered questions now that I have finished the book, but I will not share them with you because some of them have spoilers!
This is a book of mixed feelings, you want to know why someone can make this kind of murder mass, but instead you are on his mind, you will never know for sure the motives. Sad isn't it?
Will you stop the killer before it's too late?

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