Forget Johnny Depp by Simply Chocolate

Do you know who is Johnny Depp, don't you?
How can a box of chocolates can make you forget who is he... that's the statement the Simply Chocolate brand make... I don't think it's possible!

Here I present the chocolates that came inside Forget Johnny Depp:

Mocca Molly: The perfect way to combine dark chocolate and coffee. It's a dark chocolate but not with the bitter taste in the end, amazing!

Vanilla Vera: White chocolate that slowly melts in your mouth, with a soft but persistent explosion of vanilla finish.

Black Betty: Lovers of pure chocolate, this is for you: Play with it in your mouth and you'll taste it forever!

Light Leo: This is my favourite chocolate; crispy with a subtile taste of liquorice that will stay with you all day!

After tasting Simply Chocolate, my thought is... Who the hell is Johnny Depp?

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