Fixed in Blood by T.E. Woods

Fixed in Blood by T.E. Woods
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Do you know Lydia? She's The Fixer, the only person you will search if you are looking to fix a problem that the justice couldn't. Only a few selected people know who she really is, the rest of the world thinks she is just a good psychiatrist.
This would be a little bit controversial case, some young women are filmed while being killing making a snuff movie. Could it be that Lydia's patient is the next victim?

"They'd called her The Fixer. The last hope for victims. For six years she'd made herself available to a select group of innocents seeking the solace of retribution for the devastation caused by monsters who had escaped a more conventional form of justice. Her standards where high. Her methods were flawless. She'd grown wealthy from the work and had enjoyed balancing the scales of righteousness for others in ways no one ever did for her. She was good at it. Scores of kills all around the world. Never a police investigation. Never an inkling that the loathsome souls had met with anything other than cosmic karma. The Fixer had been as invisible as she was lethal."

This is my second book with The Fixer series, this book is more focused in the case, Lydia will try to follow the rules and help the police with this mystery.
If you have read any of the other The Fixer books, you will know that in Lydia's adventures there's always her police friend and confident Mort. Mort has a not very respectful daughter, Allie who will be appearing in this adventure too, but still not ready to confront her family... maybe in the next book? I am waiting the re-encounter between Allie and Mort... would it be a duel to death? or a more or less cold friendly meeting? I suppose I will have to wait for the next book to know my answer...
T. E. Woods will delight us in another mystery thriller where The Fixer will help the police in this race against the clock.
Let Lydia enter in your home and solve your problems, she will fix your boredom with her adventures and mysteries.
Do you have anything to fix?

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