The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes

The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Alice Quentin wants to study the treatment for Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder at the Laurel, a facility full of frightening criminals and scary patients. She will have to face some of the most dangerous killers for her study, but when young girls are being kidnapped and seems that a cold serial killer staying in the facility may be involved she knows her task will change...
Dan Burns, an old Alice's friend, will be investigating the kidnappings and murders of the children and will need all the help Alice could provide. With their minds together, will it be enough to stop this killer?

"'Do you know how long our female employees normally last?'
'A year?'
'Four months. Only a few stay the distance; the ones that carry on fall into two categories - the flirts and the lion tamers. Some are attracted to violent men, and the rest have got something to prove. It's too soon to guess which category you belong to.'
I gazed at him in amazement. Surely statements like that had been outlawed years ago? 'That's irrelevant, Dr Gorski. I'm here to learn about the welfare of your patients'. 
'It's your own welfare you should worry about.'"

This is the third book of Alice Quentin, she is a little bit experienced with serial killers... but this time she will need all her senses to confront the cold killer Louis Kinsella and make him reveal who is the partner. But Alice is starting in a new job and she doesn't know who to trust within all of her "new" friends, they all have secrets... can one of them be the killer?
This is a page turner thriller, I read it in just one day! You will enter in a spiderweb of darkness which you will be the next victim if your are not cautious!
If you are starting the Alice Quentin saga, you will not have any problems following the series, but it's interesting enough to start reading it right now and try to discover who is the killer before it's too late!
I hope Kate Rhodes will tell us in the next book why Alice's cottage Alice is hunted, I would be so scared living there alone and with all the strange sounds...
How many secrets can you keep from a serial killer?

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