The Alnwick Garden and Lindt Gold Bunny

Yesterday I was visiting the Alnwick Gardens, and joined the search for the Lindt Gold Bunny!
It was an original way to enjoy the gardens and have a prize at the end of the day! We recharged the energy with the milk chocolate rabbit! :)
Here are the steps we made to win this amazing prize...

The first question was to know how often where the fountain shows... we enjoyed the amazing water performances twice to know how often where!

The Serpent Garden is one of my favourite parts of the Alnwick Gardens, the fountains are perfect to splash your friends! Of course there was the third question there...

The ducks where so cute... the third question was about their home!

In the Ornamental Garden was the fourth question, the roses where not yet open, but the ornamental urns where cute!

The most funny part of the quiz was counting how many bunnies where at the Cherry Orchard, this was the fifth question.

Have you ever been in the Treehouse? All is made with wood, even the chairs... the sixth question was easy to answer!

And here is the prize! :)

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