Pink Parcel April 2015

Pink Parcel  is a monthly box, it's just for women but so perfect and amazing that you will want it right now!

It will arrive at your home a few days before your period, to indulge yourself and be calm and relax on your period days. The box contains your favourite tampon or towel brand separated by 3 different boxes; for now, for bedtime and for later. Then there's another special box full of beautiful things to indulge your dark days...

The Duck Tissues Mouchoirs, in the case you have revolutionised hormones or had a cold! 

A sample of the Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment by Tea Tree, a hair mask that will invigorate and sooth your hair!

A beautiful pink rose eye shadow from bellápierre, to stay pretty always! :)

An eye pencil from Binky London, to have a killer look! (I will have to learn to use it...)

The ♯lipglam it's the new multipurpose moisturiser, the only thing you will want on your handbag from now on...

There's a little bag of Ceylon Pink Tea by Kandula, to warm your sad days... and a dark chocolate with coconut & lucuma from Doisy&Dam for your sugar needs!

I've tried a few monthly boxes brands and this is my favourite! It has a basic product I need every month, with a good price and with a little presents too. It's the best box I've tried!

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