April Fools Day 2015

Take a look at some of the funny and weird news and products you will find only today, enjoy! :)

The chocolate teapot paired with a stylish chocolate teacup, this revolution in tea technology will change the way you drink your tea forever. Will you be adding a chocolate teapot to your teaware collection? (Twinings)

To leave your tummy satisfied and your mouth fresh... (Chicago Town)

Hunter announces the launch of a new footwear collection for dogs, featuring waterproof boots designed to meet the demands and needs of today’s canine.

A waterproof microchip stitched into the front and back of these comfortable cotton undies allows you to make secure payments with a hearty pelvic thrust or playful booty pop. (Firebox)

You’re going to see a world first in pizza delivery history as Domino’s introduces Domi-No-Driver – the world’s first driverless pizza delivery vehicle.

Not on the High Street are granting Easter wishes all across the country with their personalised, fertilised eggs. Lovingly cared for and ready to hatch this Sunday

With ‘freshly baked pie’ the new smell to sell houses, these new candles might just set the property world on fire; they’re hotly tipped to  topple current favourites  – baking bread and brewed coffee –  off the top spot.  (Pieminister)

And if you visit Google Maps you will play Pac-Man on your searches! :)

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