Vegan Mozzarella by Druids Grove

Have you ever tried a vegan cheese?

I never tried before a product specially made for vegan people, but I was curious about the cheese they made so I bought a mozzarella cheese from Druids Grove to make at home.

Here is my result after playing in the kitchen for an hour an experimenting with new food...
It was easy following the steps that came in the box,
1- First just melt the coconut in the microwave and mix the cheese mix with water.

2- Of course boil all the ingredients in a saucepan at a low temperature and then put the coconut oil and stir.

3- Add the lactic acid just before transfer it on a mould.

4- Leave it during 6 hours in a fridge before removing from the form.

5- 24 hours more at the fridge before you can enjoy it!

After making all the steps, here is my result...

I can say it was a typical cheese flavour, it was a vegetable mix but I like it!

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