The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons

The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Source: Dead Good
Rating: 4/5

This killer doesn't just cut the throat, almost decapitate his victims.
This is the first case of DC Max Wolfe, and he is already making trouble, he believes there are two murderers but all his new colleagues think there are two... Will he start the new job making allies or enemies? Will he pick the "killers"?

"'They are calling Bob the Butcher a hero?'
'He's all over the social networks. He's been trending for twenty-four hours.' Scarlet Bush had a disbelieving little smile on her face. 'You genuinely weren't aware of that?'
The porter has finally opening the door. I pressed my warrant car against the glass and said my name and rank. So she knew my name, too.
'And how does that feel for you, DC Wolfe?' she asked. 'When the social networks are calling the murderer a hero and the victim a scumbag?'
'Sorry, sorry,' the porter said, finally opening up.
I paused in the open doorway.
'Murderers are never heroes,' I said.
Scarlet Bush smiled at me, more broadly now, as if we both knew that wasn't quite true.

It's quite different reading a book where the main character is a single parent; he have to rise his daughter in a painful world where the rich people almost always get away from prison.
This is not just a mystery book, it gives too little history pieces of the police story and crime, and some curious information about weapons!
You will not finish this book with all the answers you need, but I hope we will have them solved in the next book.
How can rich boys think that they can buy their secrets with money? Is it really true? I want to think the law is equal for everyone but this is just true in fiction, sad don't you think?
The eternal question, if someone you loved is killed, do you have the right to vengeance the death if the killer is not punished? 
I don't think you have the right to kill anyone, that's why we have the law and everyone should follow the law, but why the rich people have their own laws? Is a question I really could not answer.

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