No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary

No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary
Genre: Crime
Source: Dead Good
Rating: 4/5

Two bodies have been found inside a bunker in a garden's house. DI Mariner wants to solve this cold case but it seem's that they where left in the bunker for a long time, will they be able to find all the clues to solve this case and let the children rest in peace?

"'The important thing is that you're better now.'
I can't believe she believes it.
The important thing is that we're punished.
The important thing is that we're never let out, certainly not where there are children.
'Rehabilitation is possible,' that's Lyn's line.
Yes, but is it preferable? Is anything preferable to keeping the likes of us locked up?"

I will have to share some spoilers of the book for the review, I am sorry!
I couldn't read this book without stopping to process the distress that this case made on me. This is not a violent murder, this is the saddest case you maybe ever read.
How a mother can kill her children and try to live with it? She murdered them to protect them, but could she live with it? Will she be able to accept the monstrous think she made?
No, it will not be easy for her and she doesn't want to be absolved for the murder, just to be punished and understand why she did it....
This book is a portrait of a broken family and how they try to live with the upheaval they lived.
It's my first book of DI Marnie Rome's, but I like her toughness and tenderness to face this case, for her it will be a sensitive case, remembering the pain she felt when her parents where murdered.
I recommend you to read this book, a crime book with a lot of humanity on it.
What will you do to keep your children safe?

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