Flavourly March 2015

Take a look at this month Flavourly box full of new and yummy food! :)

For starters we tried the Joe&Seph's; Olive Oil, Truffle Oil &Truffle Salt, only one word, AMAZING!

The Cheddar Cheese Straws by NibsNibs, where great alone or with the Lime and Mint Curd by Scarlett & Mustard.

I suppose the Banoffee meets Chocolate from Choc+ it's great, but we don't life very much bananas so we gift it to a friend...

The Smoked Chilli Ketchup from Gran Luchito was amazing with burger and crisps!

The Clearly Scrumptious, is starting to be a classic in every box...

The Mint and Currant Dressing from Scarlett & Mustard was perfect with pasta, you have to try it!

My favourite product this month was the Gingerbread Toppers by Whole Plus, I loved with my milk cereals.

We tried the Spanish Chicken Traybake, but the instructions weren't clear, so we changed it a little bit and adapted it to our taste!

I loved the Crunchy Pineapple from Emily Fruit Crisps, sweet and acid at the same time.

I am still deciding what cake to make with the Coconom Sugar, I will share the photos when I decide I will share the pictures!

This was another great Flavourly box! :)

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