Fallen Sparrow by D.A. Keeley

Fallen Sparrow by D.A. Keeley
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Agent Peyton Cote is afraid of the explosion she has seen near her home and becomes even more frightened when they find a body after the fire with a bullet inside the cabin. She needs to find quickly what is happening on the land where the parents of her old friend Sherry died before it's too late and more people die.

"Karen said. "Marie hid them, apparently, where she knew Fred would never find them."
"Because he never cooked," Peyton said.
"You're smiling," Hewitt said.
"I appreciate little victories," Peyton said.
"Meaning she pulled one over on her husband?"
"Kind of. He treated her terribly. It's a small victory."

Peyton Cote doesn't want to be just a mum, she wants to be a strong woman capable to solve a difficult case and bold to face the problems her son has at school. It's not easy to balance two hard works like being a police and a mother, and less if there's an old friend involved in a case and is not helping to solve her parents suicide. 
Sherry had an abusive father, making her to be isolated during her childhood and adult life, but she didn't seem to care if the police can solve the strange events that are happening on her life.
In this slow case, everyone lies, it seems that the only one interested in solving the case are the police... why?
D.A. Keeley depicts how tough is living on a farm and survive with the money you made on your gains; difficult and desperate. And how in a small village everyone know that secrets are more valuable than money.
Will you sell your integrity for your farm?

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