The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly
Genre: Thriller, Action
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Dr. Cassandra Jane "CJ" Cameron and his brother Hamish had to write a very special article for the National Geographic: what is the Great Zoo of China.
She's not very interested with the idea in the beginning, but you know that the curiosity killed the cat... so she took a flight to China and prepare herself to enjoy a peaceful tourist trip. But what kind of animals could be exposed in this secret Zoo that they need weapons to protect the humans that visited it?
CJ never guessed that the trip to China would change all her perception of humanity and animals, but not for good...

"Why does the dragon legend persist around the world so consistently? Because all around the world, for thousand of years, lone dragons have been emerging from hibernation to test the atmosphere, checking on behalf of their clans to see if the ambient temperature has risen enough and the time to emerge has arrived."

It would be difficult to make a review without making a lot of spoilers, because this "Greatest Zoo of China" contain 232 dragons! Yes, the amazing dragons we all have fantasised in our dreams.
Of course the Chinese government had kept it in secret for a long time and now they think it's the moment to share it with the world... they just have a few unexpected situations....
I have never been happy with the idea behind a zoo, having animals living confined only for our pleasure is sick and wrong. They have to be free and in their habitat, not exposed and suffering for our recreation. In Barcelona's Zoo, a couple of wolfs died from depression a long time ago...
Would you like to be in a cave and exposed all of your life?
I will not discuss the Chinese government's acts, because in all the cases all governments would act exactly as the writer describes, sad but true.
I haven't read anything before of Matthew Reilly, but I liked this book, it has adrenaline, bombs and a lot of fire. It's a fast book, always running and afraid of what will happen next. But it's original and full of action, perfect to enjoy on a winter day... 
Ready to enter in the fiction world?

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