Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

How many time can a secret be kept buried?
It all started in 2013, five people decide to bury a secret, but now this secret has come alive with hunger vengeance. Would they be able to maintain the secret before it will bury them all?
Kim Stone is a detective, very efficient and good resolving cases, but her manners are a little bit special...
She will begin the week with one murder, but the milestone will rise up very quickly... She will need the help of her team and some extra hands to exhume the secret that changed five lives so many years ago, before there's no one to arrest.

"A case for me is like a three-course meal. The first part is like a starter. You dive right in 'cos you're hungry. There are witnesses, a crime scene, so you gorge on information. And then the main courses comes and let's say it's a mixed grill. You gotta work out what's important. There's too much information. So should you just go for all the meat and leave the garnishes or forego a sausage so that there's still enough room for dessert?"

Angela Marson will delight you with a very intense thriller where you will sense a range of emotions; pain, rage, suffer, happiness...
In this book you will not find the stereotyped detective, Kim is antisocial, but she is a smart and strong woman that fights to know the truth and the rights for the victims. After reading Kim's childhood story, you will understand the need she has to resolve this case and put the killer behind bars.
Reading Silent Scream was like watching a good movie, wanting to know the connections and making presumptions of the plot. This is what I always search in a book, a moving story with intense characters and, of course, a good mystery.
Angela you have won a new fan, I loved your book!
When will we have the pleasure of a new Kim Stone case? I can't wait!

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